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A vibrant young cast and nostalgic 80s soundtrack energize “Lisa Frankenstein,” a darkly comedic horror about reanimated love and body-parts hijinks. Drawing inspiration from classic Frankenstein movies, Tim Burton, and “Weird Science,” screenwriter Diablo Cody and director Zelda Williams offer a playful and bloody teen reimagining of Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel.

Instead of a mad scientist, this “Frankenstein” centers on goth girl Lisa Swallows  navigating grief, family struggles, and social awkwardness. Lively characters and witty dialogue propel the story even when the plot stumbles.

After a humiliating experience, Lisa seeks solace at the grave of a Victorian-era pianist who died tragically. A lightning bolt and a wish later, a mud-covered corpse  rises missing  some crucial body parts. Lisa cares for him, sparking a connection and an accidental murder spree that transforms into a vengeful quest.

Lisa uses tanning tools to reattach parts, mirroring her own blossoming confidence as the Creature becomes surprisingly handsome . Cody’s script, sharp and funny like her cult classic “Jennifer’s Body,” also offers poignant insights. The vibrant cast elevates the film, especially Sprouse’s silent-movie-esque Creature and Soberano’s scene-stealing portrayal of Lisa’s supportive stepsister. While not perfect, “Lisa Frankenstein” entertains both 80s kids, classic horror fans, and the modern generation.

Director: Zelda Williams

Producer: Diablo Cody

Writer: Diablo Cody

Release Date In Different Country

Top Cast of  Lisa Frankenstein

Top Cast of Frankenstein is given below:

Kathryn Newton

Jenna Davis

Paola Andino

Chris Greening

Joey Harris

Jennifer Pierce Mathus

Ayla Miller

Bryce Romero

Liza Soberano

Trina LaFargue

Joshua Montes

Mae Anglim

Henry Eikenberry

Luke Sexton

Jailyn Rae

Trailer of Lisa Frankenstein

Trailer of this movie is already uploaded of youtube. Movie lover can watch this movie on youtube. To watch the trialer click on the link below:

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